Others Album :

AJ (Kikwang) – First Episode: A New Hero (EP) :

[01] Intro

[02] Dancing Shoes

[03] 2009 (feat. HyunA)

[04] Wipe the Tears (feat. Maboos / Doojoon & Junhyung)

Trouble Maker :

[01] Trouble Maker (JS [Hyunseung] & HyunA) – Trouble Maker

[02] Trouble Maker (JS [Hyunseung] & HyunA) – The Words I Don’t Want to Hear

[03] Trouble Maker (JS [Hyunseung] & HyunA) – Don’t You Mind It?

Miscellaneous :

Bad Girl (Japanese Version)

Easy (Sincere Version)

Fiction (Japanese Version)

무지개 (“虹/Niji” Remake) {Rainbow}

Shock (Japanese Version)

안을까 말까 {Should I Hug or Not}

Mystery (Japanese Version)

In The Cloud – Dongwoon

Original SoundTrack (OST) :

너 때문인걸 {Because Of You} (마이 프린세스 {My Princess} OST)

Crazy (주유소 습격 사건 2 {Attack of the Gas Station 2} OST)

꿈을 꾼다 {Dreaming} (Junhyung, Yoseob, & Dongwoon) (나도, 꽃 {I’m A Flower, Too} OST)

해피 벌스데이 {Happy Birthday} (Yoseob) (볼수록 애교만점 {More Charming By the Day} OST)

그 사람을 아껴요 {I Cherish That Person} (Yoseob) (마이 프린세스 {My Princess} OST)

Loving U (Doojoon, Hyunseung, & Yoseob) (몽땅 내 사랑 {All My Love} OST)

안돼 {No} (Yoseob) (Poseidon OST)

Ready Go! (공부의 신 {God of Study} OST)

미운 사람 {Hateful Person} (빅 {Big} OST)

Features & Collaborations

015b – Silly Boy (feat. Junhyung and 4minute)

Ahn Jinkyung – 사랑이 딱해 {Love is Pathetic} (feat. Kikwang)

ALi – 촌스럽게 굴지마 {Don’t Act Foolish} (feat. Junhyung)

Bang Yong Guk – I Remember (feat. Yoseob)

Brave Brothers – Break Up (with Kikwang and Electroboyz)

Drama/Daniel (Dalmatian) – 첫 눈 그리고 첫 키스 {First Snow, First Kiss} (with Yoseob)

Eluphant – 키덜트 {Kidult} (feat. Doojoon)

Hweesung – 가슴 시린 이야기 {The Heart-Breaking Story} (feat. Junhyung)

HyunA – A Bitter Day (feat. Junhyung and G.Na)

HyunA – Change (feat. Junhyung)

Gavy NJ – 해바라기 {Sunflower} (feat. Doojoon)

G.Na – 꺼져 줄게 잘 살 {I’ll Back Off So You Can Live} (feat. Junhyung / Doojoon)

Kang Minkyoung (Davichi) – Udong (with Dongwoon)

Kim Wansun – Be Quiet (feat. Junhyung)

Navi – 다시 돌아가 {Go Back Again} (feat. Junhyung)

U-CUBE (BEAST, 4minute, & G.Na) – Fly So High

Young Jee – 미쳐야 사랑이지 {It Is Love If You Are Crazy} (feat. Junhyung)

BEAST Ft. A Pink – Skinny Baby (for SKOOLOOKS CF)

A Pink’s Eunji Ft. Yoseob (BEAST) – Love Day

Prepix – What I See (feat. Junhyung, Beenzino, and Esna)

Baek Ji Young – Good Boy (feat. Junhyung)

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