B2UTIES, for any reason, we really sorry that “I’m So BEAST”s blog can’t give you any update about BEAST (red: HIATUS) start from today (12/07/13) until next year (1 year). But don’t worry, we still update on Twitter (@ImSoB2ST). Thanks :-).


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[Recruitment] We need new admins, come join us!

B2UTIES, we are searching for new admins here. For anyone who interesting, please comment and fill the data below :

1. Name :
2. Date of born :
3. Country :
4. E-mail :
5. Have you ever become an admin before?
6. When you begin to be a B2UTY?

1. Know how to use wordpress
2. Have time to update
3. Know credit’s system
4. Good in English
5. Min. 14 years old
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[Info] 120621 Gaon Weekly Charts for the 3rd week of June

BEAST – Hateful Person  #9 with 18,297,427

BEAST’s Yoseob & APink’s Eunji – Love day #84 with 3,483,079

Troublemaker – Troublemaker #194 with 912,290


Cr: Gaon (Source) via myboyRobin@soompi

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[Interview] Hyunseung for ELLE Girl – July issue: Unexpected JS

EG: Do you remember filming for your first <Elle Girl> photoshoot after BEAST’s debut? 
Ah, you came during that time too right? I was going to ask you anyways a while ago. I remember it, that day. Continue reading

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【Photo album】
【8 August 2012 – Release date】
【Limited Edition】 Continue reading

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[Info] 120612 Instiz Real Time Chart (Hateful Person #3)

Shared by noijingjing@Soompi

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[Info] 120608 Gaon Chart releases chart rankings for May 27th – June 2nd (Good Boy rank #5 & #6)

The Gaon Chart is the national chart of South Korea and is intended to be the equivalent of Oricon in Japan and Billboard in the United States.

Check out the chart rankings for the week of May 27th to June 2nd below! Continue reading

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[Info] 120605 DAS MUSICAL ‘MOZART!’ Casting Schedule

Hyun Seung will be playing as Mozart on the following dates/sessions: Continue reading

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[Trans] 120530 Doojoon and Simsimi


Doojoon: Do you know Yoon DooJoon?

Simsimi:  He is the father of my child.

Doojoon: How’s Yoon DooJoon?

Simsimi: Good-looking ^^

Doojoon: Do you like Yoon Doojoon?

Simsimi: I love him lots >0<

Doojoon: Yoon Doojoon’s charms are…?

Simsimi: pretty, charming, cute, have sense, humorous aunt ♥

Doojoon: Yoon Doojoon is the greatest right?

Simsimi: of course


Trans: @MrsDooB2uty @

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[Trans] 120530 Dongwoon and Simsimi

Simsimi: Idiot

Dongwoon: Simsim-ah

Simsimi:  aing~

Dongwoon: Do you know Son Dongwoon?

Simsimi: eung (yeah) Buuuuu vO_Ov I love you~~~ I love you~~~ Continue reading

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