Yang Yo Seob


Full Name: Yang Yo Seob
Nickname: Yangyo, Endorphin, Shikshin
DOB: January 5, 1990
Specialty: Vocals
Height: 174cm
Weight: 56kg
Blood Type: B
Hobbies: Writing lyrics
Education: Dong-ah Institute of Media and Arts (leave of absence)
Specialty: Beatbox, eating well
Training: Trained under M-Boat
Extra: Was AJ’s highschool classmate and back-up dancer.


The Facts:

  • In high school, Yoseob was in a hard rock/metal band.
  • Yoseob searches for himself on the Internet.
  • Yoseob cannot go under 80 cm in limbo.
  • Gikwang and Yoseob can learn a dance very quickly.
  • Yoseob would buy medicine for the sick members.
  • Yoseob used to act as Junhyung’s alarm clock. He wakes him up by singing and dancing “Change” on his bed.
  • Yoseob doesn’t remember his first love.
  • When Yoseob trips/falls, fans think it’s cute. But when Dongwoon falls, it’s serious.
  • Yoseob likes how none of the B2ST members are good drinkers.
  • Yoseob and Drama, from Dalmatian, were best friends back in Mboat and were called Soulmate.
  • Yoseob confirmed that Gikwang, in fact, always slept in school.
  • “I’m always full of charm or cuteness.” Yoseob
  • Yoseob will be very happy if someone confesses her love to him. He doesn’t have anyone in mind.
  • Yoseob takes red ginseng capsules and uses youngkkaksan powder, which elders often use.
  • Yoseob treasures his Eastpack backpack because his sister gave it to him after winning a journal image contest.
  • After watching Hyunseung at a photo shoot, Yoseob joked that he was falling for Hyunseung.
  • Yoseob is the worst at games (including computer games). He’s a sore loser and won’t play again if he loses.
  • Yoseob would sometimes call Gikwang “hyung,” even when he’s older.
  • Yoseob likes dressing in normal clothes such as t-shirts and hats.
  • When they finished filming the “Bad Girl” MV, Yoseob felt like he was being released from prison.
  • The B2ST members think Yoseob looked the weirdest before debut because of his hair.
  • Yoseob gained his interest in singing after listening to Brian McKnight’s songs.
  • Yoseob has a habit of hitting Doojoon while sleeping.
  • Even Yoseob thinks he’s cute.
  • Yoseob used to love soccer. Junhyung influenced him and now he only uses his strength unless he must.
  • According to Yoseob, B2ST will always be hardworking like bulls.
  • When talking about their hard times, Yoseob starts crying.
  • On the day of their debut, Yoseob shouted, “I’m going to debut!” on maplestory.
  • Doojoon and Yoseob’s theme song is John Legend’s “Ordinary People.”
  • Junhyung wears the glasses Yoseob gave him often.
  • Yoseob can beatbox very well.
  • Yoseob is proud of the fact that he can beat all of the members at Mario Kart.
  • Yoseob likes to take Hyunseung’s food.
  • Because of Yoseob and Dongwoon’s regular snack patters, they’re always blamed for missing food.
  • Yoseob wasn’t a very good dancer to begin with. He got better after choreographing his own moves.
  • Yoseob used to always go back to the dorm to eat ramen, but now he says he’s too tired to.
  • During elementary school, Yoseob’s parents were called to school when he exposed that his teacher was really wearing a wig.
  • Yoseob once got angry after a fight with his sister. He grabbed his sister’s shoes and told their mom: “Mom, it looks like she skipped lessons to play!”
  • Yoseob trained the longest among the members.
  • Yoseob does unimaginable things when the members are upset. He always cheers them up.
  • Yoseob and Dongwoon are midnight snack buddies.
  • Yoseob wants his wife to be and feel beautiful. She will be the happiest.
  • During “BEAST is the B2ST,” Yoseob’s hair was bleached 8 times.
  • Yoseob and Junhyung nearly got rejected from Cube.
  • Yoseob’s ideal type is SNSD’s Seohyun.
  • Gikwang and Yoseob first met in the 10th grade.
  • Sometimes Yoseob is very dishonest.
  • On Yoseob and his ex-girlfriend’s 100 day anniversary, he booked a karaoke room and decorated it beautifully with balloons and other things. After that, he told her to come inside and sang her a song. Plus, she loves dolls so he bought her a huge doll exactly her size.
  • Yoseob is the most romantic in the group.
  • Yoseob might only feel full after eating one bowl of rice, ramyun, and 7 sausages.
  • Yoseob was once known as the “Church Oppa.”
  • Yoseob spent his Children Day replying to B2UTYs on his YOZM.
  • The words “Car Wash Self Customer Is King” was written on Yoseob’s arm with sharpie.
  • Ramen is Yoseob’s favorite food.
  • Yoseob loves cute girls with long, straight, black hair.
  • Yoseob and Gikwang both went to Ahyun High School. Gikwang said, “Yoseob and I are destined to be.”
  • Yoseob has a small head.
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