[News] 120711 BEAST will be releasing their mini album ‘Midnight Sun’ on July 22nd

Group BEAST will be making a comeback with the release of the new album coming out on the 22nd.

Through the ‘Hangout Live On Air’ event hosted BEAST’s official Google page on the 11th, BEAST revealed that they will be releasing their next album on the 22nd. Fans who were at this event were able to hear the comeback news for the first time.

The mini album titled, “Midnight Sun” that BEAST will be revealing on the 22nd will display BEAST’s growth in the K-POP industry representing their own special color. The 6 tracks will each have a distinctive color representing a new change.

At the start of the event, BEAST talked about the 1000th day since their debut on October 16th, “To BEAST, B2uties are like our family. We are always thankful. We hope that you will continue to love us without change.”

In addition, they had brought smiles as they talked about the episodes that took place in New York during the music video filming. They had displayed a humorous side choosing fans in Korea, Brazil, Indonesia, and Japan for a question and answer time on air.

Despite the meeting with fans all over the world taking place at a late time, the keywords “BEAST google plus” had been the number one searched topic on various portal sites increasing the hype for BEAST’s comeback.

Leader Yoon Doojoon started out by saying, “Since it’s a comeback in a year and 2 months we are even more nervous and happy. I’ll be honest about the various thoughts we had preparing our comeback.”

Adding on he said, “Since it’s been a while there were a lot of worries. Practicing until late we wondered if people will still love us the same and we think that this thought will be on our mind until the date of comeback. However, please anticipate for the day we throw all our worries away and stand in front of you guys confidently.”

The BEAST hangout live that took place for about 30 minutes had fans in 50 countries watching them with joy and raised the anticipation for BEAST’s comeback coming on the 22nd.


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One thought on “[News] 120711 BEAST will be releasing their mini album ‘Midnight Sun’ on July 22nd

  1. yoseob pic soo cute.i’m very happy they will comeback soon,for along time i’m waiting for them.Finally the date of their comeback just around the corner.

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